If you hit a car while reversing out of a parking space who is at fault?

Answer Don't bump 'nuthin' when you back upThe guy going backwards is always at fault. It don't matter if the driver that hits you is going 50 MPH down a narrow path between cars and babies in strollers a... Read More »

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Why do people carry on walking behind my car, when they know I'm reversing out of a parking space?

Because they are ignorant plebs.I call it, 'ASDA Syndrome' 'cos that's where most of them seem to congregate in my locality. I always reverse into parking spaces, but even then, there seems to be a... Read More »

What can I do about people parking in my private car parking space that is allocated to my house.?

have a metal sign made that saysPleasedo not parkin front ofmy houseor this is a private parking spotillegally parked cars will be towed at owners expense

Can a person who owns three condos that have parking spaces assigned by the declaration sell one and in the title state that it only has one parking space and thereby maintain control of the other?

It sounds like you own three condominium units and three parking spaces, each of which is listed on the title of the condominium to which it is attached (by space number, usually). You can present ... Read More »

Who's at fault in this parking lot accident?

Some states (like Colorado) have adopted "no fault" on auto accidents to clear clogged court dockets. Initial claims will be satisfied by your insurance and his. After the fact, the two insurance c... Read More »