If you have your show does that mean that your baby is engaged?

Answer Answer With most women, yes. Only a small percentage of women will find that the baby's head is not engaged by the time labour starts.

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My baby's head is engaged when will baby come?

Well good question but it is a 69% chance it will. The reason is because a babys bones are 2 times softer then ours.

Will castor oil still work if the baby isn't engaged?

Answer It will make you go to the bathroom but it will not put you in labor, it's an old wives tale.

If your belly has dropped does that mean your baby is engaged?

Baby news: Heads engaged now ... might she come early?

Quite possibly, Anyanswer. Every woman is different with each pregnancy!! Even the first!! Wow!! I'm excited because I know how excited you must be!! YAY GRAN!! How's Mom? It's almost time for... Read More »