If you have unprotected sex and wake up throwing up can you be pregnant?

Answer AnswerYou would not be showing signs of pregnancy the morning after conception. There hasn't even been time for fertilization and implantation into the uterine wall.However, unprotected sex not onl... Read More »

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Can you get pregnant when you have protected sex and have a unprotected sex after a while and have another protected sex after the unprotected sex?

Even if you didn't ejaculate in her when unprotected there is always pre-ejaculate which also contain sperms. She had the chance to use the morning after pill up to 72 hours after, now it's too lat... Read More »

If you have unprotected sex and the next day you get your period can you still be pregnant?

it is impossible to have a period and still be pregnant. when you are pregnant the baby attaches to your uterine lining and a period is the shedding of your uterine lining so if you were to have a ... Read More »

Can you still be pregnant if you have unprotected sex 5 days before your period?

It would be very unlikely. certainly not under normal circumstances.

If two weeks after unprotected sex you have blood in your semen can you be pregnant?

Answer If there is blood in your could more than likely just be you starting your period.