If you have stage 4 breast cancer do you qualify for Medicaid in Louisiana?

Answer Disability is an impairment of the mind or body that prevents a person to function in one of more major life activities.

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Do cancer patients qualify for Medicaid?

As of 2010, Medicaid coverage for cancer treatment varies according to state, the type of cancer, and the patient's age and gender. For example: since 2000, states have had an option to extend Medi... Read More »

What is the difference between stage 2&stage 3 breast cancer?

Once you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, its important to know how advanced the disease is. The process, referred to as staging, supplies information on if or how far the cancer has spread so... Read More »

Medicaid for Breast & Cervical Cancer?

Medicaid is health insurance which is funded by the state and federal governments. It is offered to low-income families, as well as people who meet other eligibility requirements. According to the ... Read More »

What and how bad is stage 1 breast cancer?

You have got some pretty good support. The doctors can treat the cancer and prevent it from recurring. Your mom has to have positive thoughts about beating this and to staying strong. The surge... Read More »