If you have protein in your urine while 37 weeks pregnant will you deliver soon?

Answer yes

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Is it normal if you're 15 weeks pregnant with period cramps but no bleeding and you have protein in your urine?

Answer Hi I'm 15 weeks pregnant too, and I still occasionally get period pains but no bleeding, I've been told that these cramps are caused form your womb expanding due the the growth of the baby. ... Read More »

You are 37 weeks pregnant and lost your mucus plug now Two days later nausea and cramping is this normall and when could you deliver?

First, you should call your doctor, right now.Second, any baby delivered after 36 weeks is considered full term, so losing your mucus plug at 37 weeks is normal.

Is your doctor being truthful if you are 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant and he said that you are dilated 1 1-2 cm and very swollen membranes and he thinks you'll deliver this weekend?

Answer There is no reason for your doctor to lie, but babies come when they want. He's giving you his opinion after an examination. I bet you have the baby by Sunday or Monday!Early Congratulati... Read More »

What if you had 5 negative blood and urine hpts and you are now would be 13 weeks and you can feel light movement in one area of your tummy are you pregnant this is the 2nd pregnancy after 12 yrs?

Answer yes you may indeed be pregnant I suggest go to your doctor and tell him or her about what you have been feeling lately they will most likely perform another pregnancy test and an ultrasound... Read More »