If you have not seen your father in over a year can he demand visitation rights?

Answer Answer If you are a minor this is up to your mother or guardian if they have sole custody, which appears to be the way it is. Your father can demand all he wants, but depending on the reason why ... Read More »

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If your daughter's father hasn't seen her in seven years does he still have visitation rights?

Answer There is a Statute of Limitations and you can find this out on in: "What is the Statute of Limitations regarding a parent not seeing their children?"If your child is old... Read More »

Does a father that was ruled unfit by a judge due to a juvenile charge have any visitation rights after the mother signed over her rights to her parents and they have not let father meet or see child?

That would vary from state to state, and court to court. You would need to contact your state child welfare department, and perhaps an attorney.

Does the father of your child have any rights as a father if he is illegal and will be deported if he goes to court to fight for visitation rights?

Answer Yes, he still has a right to be the child's father. Illegally or Legally he is the child's biological father and no matter what anyone says You, the mother and The father laid down and had t... Read More »

Can a 7-year-old decide if his father should have visitation rights if his mother has full custody?

Answer Seven-year-olds do not make decisions as to custody, that is the responsibility of the judge. A child of that age might be asked his opinion, especially if he has been reluctant in the past ... Read More »