If you have most of the signs of depression, do you have depression?

Answer You may very well be. If you have this many symptoms, it's worth it to go to a doctor and see what he has to say. Online tests can give you an idea, but can't diagnose you. If you have always thoug... Read More »

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What are the signs&symptoms of depression in men?

Depression in men is not easily recognized and many times goes undiagnosed. Men will not seek help, they are too competitive and think they are strong enough to handle any situation. Depression is ... Read More »

Am I showing signs of depression?

when you listen to songs that remind you of him, its probably because you still like him and you like to make yourself sad because of guilt, you regret doing that and for some reason you feel like ... Read More »

How to Identify Signs of Depression?

Depression is defined as an illness that affects your whole body including your mood and thoughts. It is as much a physical condition as it is a mental one. Depression can affect your eating and sl... Read More »

What are signs of manic depression?

Manic depression---also known as bipolar disorder---is a mood disorder that causes you to swing between episodes of depression and mania. According to the Mayo Clinic, certain behaviors and charact... Read More »