If you have mammary glands are you pregnant?

Answer If you are female you have mammary glands......aka breasts....

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Do snapping turtles have mammary glands?

As a reptile, snapping turtles have reptilian characteristics. These include having scales and being cold-blooded. Only mammals have mammary glands to provide milk to their young. Snapping turtles ... Read More »

Mammary Carcinoma in Dogs?

Mammary carcinoma in dogs is cancer of the mammary glands (breasts). Mammary carcinoma presents several notable symptoms, but these symptoms can be a misleading indicator of a different condition,... Read More »

Canine Mammary Cancer Symptoms?

Dogs get breast cancer much the same way that human beings do. Female dogs that are likeliest to get breast cancer are unspayed bitches from five to 10 years old. Fortunately, if detected early, ... Read More »

How to get rid of swollen glands?

See the doctor. It could be infection, a wisdom tooth, many things. And you will probably need antibiotics.