If you have joint custody can your teenager live with either parent?

Answer AnswerThe guidelines are basically the same in every state but obviously there are a few minor differences. Joint custody consists of Primary Custody & Secondary Custody. The parent with primary cu... Read More »

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When each parent has custody of one child but they both have joint legal custody is the other parent able to enroll the child in school if they end up coming to live with that parent?

joint custody is just given to make the other person who doesnt have all legal rights feel better, they don't have any real rights of the child, but theyt do get visitation rights. and if you went ... Read More »

In an joint custody arrangement does either parent have to notify the other when they are leaving the state for a vacation with the child?

Answer What does the legal paperwork state? If you are legally bound to request permission from the other, then I would follow that before taking the vacation. Parents who are sharing their time re... Read More »

Can a 16 year old fight parents custody if she does not want to live with either parent?

In some states and countries she could apply for emancipation. If it isn't available in her jurisdiction, there are limited choices. If she is unsafe, she should contact social services.

If you live in Texas with joint custody can one parent take the child out of the country to visit relatives without consent of the other parent and should you prevent this?

Answer No, When a child under the age of 18 is traveling outside the U.S. with only one parent or a third party there must be notarized written permission from the absent parent(s) or legal guardia... Read More »