If you have joint custody can your child be moved out of state?

Answer No, not if you have joint custody of the child by court. If the other gaurdian only has vistitation rights then NO WAY can you child be removed from the state without your consent, unless it is a h... Read More »

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If you haven't established custody and the father has moved out of state and is now asking for joint legal and physical custody can he win?

Answer It will be very dificult for the father to have joint legal and physical custody on the gounds that he is not avalible. The courts want the two parents to live in the same area to co-parent.... Read More »

Can you get sole custody of your child if mother took the baby to another state left the child there while she moved on to yet another state?

Your situation is very complicated. You need to make an appointment with an attorney who specializes in custody issues, who can review all the details of your situation and explain your rights and ... Read More »

Could you take a child out of the state if you have joint custody?

State of WA - for a vacation, sure. You need to notify the other parent of the place and duration. For good? That would be considered kidnapping.

Does the mother of a child in joint custody have the right to take her out of state without asking the father?

Answer Absolutely NOT! If you find that you need to move out of state, you need to file a motion to amend your settlement agreement with regards to custody issues. Most likely you will have to pay ... Read More »