If you have joint custody and one parent moves out of state can he take kids?

Answer With an injunction

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If you have joint custody can one parent take the kids out of school and place them in a new one?

Answer Yes. With joint custody either parent can change the kids school or any major desicion. The ideal relationship you would both agree on this but reality is always different.

If you have physical and joint legal custody can you take the child out of state for a vacation without permission from the other parent?

Answer I would be necessary to give the other parent notice of the pending vacation plans. Whether or not you would need permission from that parent to take an out of state trip depends upon the t... Read More »

If you have joint custody on paper and one parent hardly sees the kids can you file for child support custody?

Answer Probably not, I tried. For more information see CA Family Law Code 7822 you want the Case Law -... Read More »

If two parents have joint custody can a parent move out state with the kid without permission of the other parent?

At the age of 17 most people have picked who they live with.