If you have gotten dental implants or know someone who has, how did that work out?

Answer Dental implants have gotten a lot better over the years, and are very dependable restorations. As long as the surgeon is experienced and takes the time to evaluate the implant site prior to placem... Read More »

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I know a girl who got dental implants...can you tell me why someone would want teeth in their t*ts?

I really hope this isnt a serious questionIll hummor you, Dental implants have nothing to with breasts. Dental Implants are false teeth that are secured with a 'screw' individually.

Are you or someone you know wants breast implants but don't want to work for them?

Wow, I didn't know you vcould get free boob implants from the government. This is bad, the economy is falling to ieces, and some people think their boobs are priority? Nice rant, I loved it.

Dental Plans That Cover Implants?

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth; they have a natural look and are often used instead of dentures. Dental implants are typically not covered under most insurance plans; ... Read More »

Will stem cell tooth implants be able to replace existing dental implants?

In the future, yea why not? however for now it is either using your own bone or cadaver bone with fake teethno doubt stem cell tooth implant will be better. However it will be years or even decades... Read More »