If you have gaps on the bottom row of your teeth, do you need braces?

Answer My orthodontist took a mold of my teeth, placed all the braces accordingly, and then put them in my mouth with special glue. Since you have gaps in your teeth I'm 99% positive there would be no ri... Read More »

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How can you fix the gaps not only in your two front teeth but the gaps on the sides without braces or veneers?

Possibly with some tooth colored fillings. Talk to a dentist and see what they reccomend. Answer I use to have multiple gaps in my teeth. Then one day I came across and it changed ... Read More »

Is it normal for your front teeth to rest on your bottom braces therefore causing your top and bottom molars to not be able to touch?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%AnswerProbably not. But you should call your orthodontist and talk to them about it. AnswerI researched this problem myself; I have had a similar experience myself. By looking an... Read More »

What should you do to stop the gaps between your teeth if you had braces years ago and now they are getting separated again?

Answer You're not going to want to hear this but you have to get braces again. Yeah, bummer. Same thing happened to me. I thought once you had braces that was it. Forever. Not so. Many people find ... Read More »

Why isn't the gap in my teeth not closing but am wearing braces but all the gaps in the other side are closed?

With braces, sometimes gaps pop up and disappear anyway, dont worry! I had a gap that came when I got them even though I didn't before. It went away. Don't worry, with time your gap should disappea... Read More »