If you have directv and also cox there is no signal on cox?

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You have directv and cox and there is no signal on cox but there is signal on directv?

cox cable is a cable company, Directv uses satellite. two different service providers.

We just bought a Sony Plasma and have also purchased a Sony receiver; we also have DirecTV. We ?

Looks like there is no video to the TV because you haven't connected the DirectTV box to the HTS. (or you connected it, but you have the HTS in the Wrong Source)Connect Video out from Direct TV to ... Read More »

What are some troubleshooting steps if you have bad signal on your directv receiver?

First, unplug the satellite cord from the receiver. Check to make sure the copper wire is straight. Then plug it back in. Turn it on. Check if it fixes your problem. Or, check to make sure that the... Read More »

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