If you have bad teeth is it hard to get Pregnant?

Answer There is no known correlation with oral health and fertility. Perhaps you were thinking of the link between periodontal disease (gum disease) and premature low-birth weight babies. There are studie... Read More »

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Is it possible to have teeth pulled while pregnant?

Answer Sure its possible. But you MUST tell your dentist that you are pregnant. This is important not only if they x-ray you but also because drugs will be used.~ T

Can I have my wisdom teeth removed while I am pregnant?

All elective dental treatments should be done after you have given birth. Any dental extraction should be done when pregnant only if it is urgent to remove b/c the meds that the doc gives you... Read More »

Can you have your wisdom teeth taken out while pregnant?

Answer That is totally up to your obstitrician/gynecologist. Generally a dentist won't do anything until they have a written ok from him/her to procede with any treatment. Your obstitrician/gynecol... Read More »

I often clench my teeth really hard out of frustration and anger; is this bad for my teeth?

It doesn't help. Try biting on something soft like a towel.