If you have back pain how do you deal with it?

Answer you gotta exercise that's the best way to get rid of that paini used to have back problem but since i started exercising i don't any pain anymore good luck

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If you have back pain when you drink would that have something to do with your kidneys?

Answer Very possible, your kidneys and/or liver.The kidneys and liver are the main organs for eliminating toxins from the body.When you drink alcohol it causes both of these organs to work "overtim... Read More »

Is it normal to have chronic back pain with your period?

On One Hand: Back Pain Is NormalBack pain associated with your monthly menstrual cycle is a normal symptom. The same hormones that cause the uterine wall to contract to expel menstrual matter, know... Read More »

Does pain in the back have anything to do with pregnancy in the first 2 weeks?

Answer Usually not but it can do if the baby is laying close to the kidneys. This usually only happens during the third trimester though.

If I are 3 weeks pregnant is it normal to have low back pain and some low abd pain not cramping?

I don't know if it is normal but I am experiencing the same thing! I also have cysts, I am wondering if it was a false positive pregnancy test!sometimes if the test is neg you can still be preg but... Read More »