If you have an insurance policy to drive any vehicle would you still be insured to drive a car that is not insured by the owner?

Answer Answer The answer is "it depends." I know of no insurance companies that issue policies "to drive any vehicle" ... automobile insurance, at least in the USA, is based on the car being driven. In ... Read More »

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Can a 17 year old drive another person's insured vehicle without being on the policy?

Answer No. It is unwise, but many people make that mistake of allowing a person who is not on the policy to drive the vehicle. If there is an accident, your insurance company may cancel your policy... Read More »

If a driver in the household is not listed on the insurance on a vehicle can they drive that vehicle if they are given permission by the insured?

Answer For New York, I think the answer is yes, *legally*, but a "driver in the household not listed on the insurance" is wrong contractually with your insurance company. I am trying to research ... Read More »

If you have liability insurance on one vehicle are you insured if you drive another vehicle?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy i... Read More »

When you buy temporary registration for a vehicle do you have to have it insured to drive it?