If you have a low bodily injury cap can you be sued?

Answer Answer Maybe. The individual states enact laws concerning personal injury claims. Some states have "caps" which do not allow a person to sue above the maximum coverage. Which means if the defendent... Read More »

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How to Calculate Bodily Injury Settlements?

Bodily injury, used interchangeably with personal injury, is an injury that has caused physical or mental pain and suffering to an individual. How to calculate bodily injury settlements will vary b... Read More »

Do you have to reimburse a health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a bodily injury settlement from your auto insurance?

If they have a Subrogation Clause (Section of Property Insurance and Liability Insurance policies giving an insurer the right to take legal action against a third party responsible for a loss to an... Read More »

Is bodily injury auto insurance tax deductible?

No, bodily injury insurance cannot be deducted from your federal income taxes. The Internal Revenue Service does not allow you to deduct any portion of your car insurance that goes toward paying co... Read More »

What is bodily injury liability car insurance?

Bodily injury liability car insurance offers you financial protection in the event someone driving your car causes an automobile accident and someone is injured. Bodily injury liability car insuran... Read More »