If you have a burned cd, can you erase the songs and make it blank?

Answer if that was possible, cd companies would run out of business...why? because everyone can erase old cds and reuse them...sorry :(

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Does A blank cd weigh more than a cd with 10 songs burned onto it?

Depends on the songs. Hard rock is pretty heavy I think. Have another beer.

If i erase all my songs I have in my itunes library will it erase the songs off my ipod next time i connect it?

Yup... which is why I have a 120 Gig iPod... keeps me safe lol

Can you erase a burned CD?

Writable CDs come in two distinct formats: CD-R and CD-RW. CD-R stands for CD recordable, while CD-RW stands for CD rewritable. Data on CD-Rs cannot be erased. However, data on CD-RWs can be erased... Read More »

Can ipod music downloads be burned onto a blank cd?

Music downloaded from iTunes or other sources can be saved on blank CDs. To do this, select the songs to be burned and put them into a unique playlist. The playlist can then be burned onto a CD u... Read More »