Can i have bladder infection without wbc in urine?

Answer On One Hand: No WBCs, Probably No Infection50 to 70 percent of your white blood cells (WBCs) are neutrophils, first-line defenders that home in fast on germs that invade your tissues, notes Jacquel... Read More »

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What is the chance of pregnancy if you are five days late but a hpt came up negative after 3 days late but you took bladder infection meds that changes your urine colors?

Answer Based on the information given, the bladder infection could be the cause of the delayed period. Also, urine color doesn't matter, but HCG hormones do matter. HCG is only produced when pregn... Read More »

Does vinegar have low or high acidity?

Vinegar is available in various forms. Vinegars with a pH below 7 are acidic, with lower pH numbers being more acidic, and those with a pH above 7 are not acidic. White and balsamic vinegars have h... Read More »

Can you do an enema while you have a bladder infection?

My first response is that there is no problem taking an enema while you have a UTI.I'm assuming the enema for for a bout with constipation. Let me add that if you are running a fever with the UTI,... Read More »

How you know if your dog has a bladder infection?

A bladder infection occurs in a dog when bacteria enters its body, typically through its urethra, and then enters the bladder, causing inflammation. Bladder infections are relatively simple to trea... Read More »