If you have a HD TV do you need HD Cable?

Answer no it just means its capable of HD old TVs cant do that

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You have comcast cable and you just brought an HDTV and you need to know if there is a way to get the HD channels or can do you have to call them?

You need an hdtv cable box, so you'll have to call them. WARNING: Most likely, however, the Comcast box will lack a DVD slot -- essential if you have a subscription service, like Netflix.

Need Directv cable box Do you have?

Do you need RCA plugs if you have an HDMI cable?

For the most part, RCA plugs become unnecessary with an HDMI cable. HDMI cables deliver both high quality video and sound through a single socket on an HDMI-enabled television. However, you may nee... Read More »

Do you need to have cable tv to use a flat screen?

Not necessarily. You can use satellite, fiber optics, and a broadcast antenna. It depends on what is available in your area.