If you have a 3G phone do you automatically have internet access?

Answer The iphone is really cheap on the apple site because its being sold with a 3 year contract with AT&T, the money you pay to actually get the phone is the cheep part, what they're really interested i... Read More »

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Can an i9 phone access the Internet?

According to the features list, the i9 phone can access WAP-based websites through the Internet. This means you can't pull up full, graphically-rich web pages on the i9; the pages are mostly displa... Read More »

How do i access the internet without a phone line?

Cable InternetSign up for cable Internet. This does not require a phone line. If you do not have cable lines installed in your home, the provider can put them in for an additional fee. There may al... Read More »

Can you use phone jacks to access the Internet?

You can access the Internet with a phone jack by using a dial-up Internet service provider (ISP). The ISP provides you with a number to call that allows you to access the Internet. Unfortunately, d... Read More »

How Do I Access the Internet Using My Cell Phone?

Since cell phones are mobile, they cannot be plugged into land-based connections like cable or fiber optic line to receive Internet access. While there are many ways for computers to access the Int... Read More »