If you have a 3G phone do you automatically have internet access?

Answer The iphone is really cheap on the apple site because its being sold with a 3 year contract with AT&T, the money you pay to actually get the phone is the cheep part, what they're really interested i... Read More »

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I don't have any phone connection at home, is it possible to have an wireless internet access ?

yes you can get a 3g card, which plugs into your laptop T Mobile is the best for coverage

I have two computers. At this time I only have internet access to one of them. How do I connect the other one?

you want to get a router. Wireless tends to be the easier thing these days, but you need a router nonetheless. And you will be able to have internet on both computers..hell even up to as many as yo... Read More »

Do you have to have a landline in order to get internet access?

Will i have internet on a used iPhone if i didn't have it on my previous at and t phone plan?

this is very simple. But you absolutely need to have wallpaper so i will show you how to change it.Go to your photos and select a picture you like.on the bottom of the screen there is a a black box... Read More »