If you have a 3G phone can you buy a 4G phone on Craigslist and it'll work if you tell the phone company that you want to upgrade to the 4G plan?

Answer It can if it is unlocked.

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How to make a rotary phone work with cable company phone system?

it will work perfectly fine for incoming calls.. either use a pocket tone dialer you can use this app… for an android device to use as a tone dialer.. .or... Read More »

If you have had a cell phone plan for two years but you just got a new phone six months ago will your plan still expire?

You can't. If you need to replace the battery for any reason, take it into the Apple store.

If you do not have a phone web data plan, can you still download apps onto a basic phone if you have the...?

Yes, but not via WiFi (or any wireless internet). After doing a quick bit of research, this phone doesn't appear to support WiFi. Hopefully the phone includes software to access the market thru PC ... Read More »

What company is the Largest independent US distributor of cellular phone and cell phone accessories?