If you have LimeWire on your computer can you get songs from your iPod to go into LimeWire on your computer?

Answer No.LimeWire is a program that downloads stuff. If you want a song on LimeWire, just download it.

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After you download songs from limewire into your ipod can you delete them from LimeWire?

Answer yes you can, but is a good idea to keep a back up record of the music you download just in case.!!

If I delete LimeWire from my computer, will all the songs that are on itunes (from LW) be deleted?

You should try consolidating your library. It is a menu option in iTunes, and it copies all of your music foles from whereever they are into the iTunes music folder. You can then delete the ones an... Read More »

How can i get songs to my ipod from limewire?

ON LIMEWIRE:1. go to LIBRARY and click on EXPLOREa window should come up with all the songs that you've saved on limewire. 2. OPEN ITUNES.3. Go back to the window where all the songs are and just c... Read More »

How do you get songs from limewire onto ur Ipod?

i had the same problem before but its really easy actually. just drag the songs from limewire into your itunes music library! that should work. and if it doesnt you can try dragging the music from ... Read More »