If you had to put together a shot called the "Swine Flu", what would you put in it?

Answer Don't forget the bacon flavored vodka!

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Would you give your child, "The Swine Flu Shot Knowing it is linked to Killer Nerve Disease". Would you?

though long read scared me what I learned in answering this question (found when discussing the polio vaccine and its link to the majority of cancers) it the smoking gun?They are too o... Read More »

If pigs had wings, would Swine Flu be called Bird Flu?

Not a silly question at all if what you mean is to compare one hyped-up panic with another. The way WHO go on, you would think it was the Great Plague! Of course, it justifies getting their fat s... Read More »

If you get a swine flu shot will the swine flu disappear in a week?

The swine flu shot is used to prevent the flu, not to treat the flu if you already have it. To treat the flu, antiviral medications are more likely to be prescribed, such as Tamiflu.

Should you get the flu shot first or the swine flu shot?

In the US in the 2010-2011 flu season: The seasonal flu shot will include the vaccine for H1N1/09, so you won't need a separate shot for the swine flu this year, and you will get all the protection... Read More »