If you had to live on one primary food, what would it be?

Answer It would depend. Is this based on health? Or is this just pure fantasy? I would be happy if I could live on Teriyaki jerky sticks and beer. Health wise, any choice would probably lead to an earl... Read More »

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If you are the primary custodian of joint custody and live in Kentucky what would you have to do to be able to move out of state?

Answer Nothing. In Kentucky the primary custodian can move the children without the other parent's permission. (at least that was the law in 2000 when I moved out of Kentucky with my kids). My atto... Read More »

If you had to live on any type of food for a year what would it be.?

Good Quality beefburger, fresh salad, new potatoes. followed by apple pie and custard. Have to have water.

If you had to live on one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

What one food would you be able to live on for the rest of your life?

Souvlaki with pittaIt's a greek recipe. It has pitta (a type of bread), meat (in pieces), tomato slices, onion slices, yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, paprica, salt, pepper. Fully nutricious!