If you had to live on one food ?

Answer sushi!

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Isn't Mexican food the best food in the whole stinkin', overpopulated, cesspool of a planet we live on.?

How to Live With Food Allergies?

Wheat and PeanutsLiving with food allergies requires a lot of time and energy to understand all the ways foods you are allergic to are related to other foods. Once you have this type of research, i... Read More »

Do earthworms live in their food?

Earthworms live in soil or leaf litter and eat newly dead or decaying plant material and detritus (particles of organic matter). They eat as much as their own body weight in soil, sand and minute s... Read More »

Is it possible to live on £20 for food for two weeks?

why do you need guidance?have you never bought food before?interesting indeed