If you had to choose between apple pie or german chocolate cake for a dinner party, which one would you choose?

Answer German Chocolate Cake for me and pie for everyone else(keep your mitts offa my cake)

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Which would you choose - Dinner party or BBQ and Why?

Dinner Parties. I hate bugs. I prefer good meal, good friends, good conversation. Intimate settings.

Is German chocolate cake really from Germany?

Sam German created a sweet dark chocolate for the Baker's Chocolate Company in 1852; it was called "Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate." In 1957, a Dallas, Texas, newspaper published the first recipe... Read More »

How to Make a German Chocolate Cake?

German chocolate cake is actually American in origin (thanks to Samuel German, a chocolate maker from the mid 1800s), but that doesn't make it any the less delicious. It's basically a chocolate cak... Read More »

What's a good German chocolate cake recipe?

The recipe is on the Bakers Germans Sweet Chocolate bar wrapper!! use it to make your cake. and the frosting stuff recipe is there also. YOU CANNOT MAKE GERMANS SWEET CHOCOLATE CAKE WITHOUT THE PA... Read More »