If you had only one hand, how would you use ctrl, alt, dlt on your computer?

Answer One word: tongue. Actually, scratch that. Ew.Four words: chopstick in my mouth.

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If you had only one hand, would second hand smoke effect you?

If I were you, I would cut off my other hand to prevent lung cancer.

My son was told that pressing alt ctrl and delete when starting his computer would fix it?

Whoever said that is wrong. Either put in the recovery CD that was provided with the PC. Or check to see if there are any restore points. To do this go to start, all programs, accesories, system to... Read More »

If i scan my hand on a scanner, would it appear in the colour of my hand on the computer screen.?

You can scan your hand, keeping your hand on the glass and covering the whole glass with some covering, so that stray light does not fall on the glass. Yes your hand will be scanned in color, with ... Read More »

What would you do if your computer mouse only had a maximum of 20 clicks per day?

Learn how to navigate the internet using the keyboard. The Tab key is your friend.