If you had one last word to say to someone before you die, what would it be?

Answer Peace

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Would you pay for someone to do your makeup before a big event?

yes i might if i thought l'd look great...not just good gorgeous

If I blocked someone on Facebook would they still get my last message?

Blocking them makes it impossible for them to send you a message but I think they can still read yours unless they Block you, too

If you came in contact with someone who has pink eye, how long would it take before you got it as well?

There are different forms of conjunctivitis. ( Allergic conjunctivitis isn't contagious)Though when you say "Pink Eye", healthcare professionals would think of Viral Conjuctivitis - The one caused ... Read More »

What would cause a 10-year-old to have sharp needle-type pains all over the back for the last 2 years or so and lasting a couple of days before going away for a few days or weeks and then returning?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!