If you had a device that could pause time what would you do?

Answer i'd rob an armoured truck!

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If you could add one device or electronic feature to your baby, what would it be?

A translation system for those times that I can't quite figure out just what it is that he wants. And it would definitely have to have a robot voice: "I. Would. Like. A. Drink. Please. Mommy. Ha.... Read More »

What was the name of the tv time travel series that used to be aired on ITV-Childrens tv about a scientiest with her motorbike that could time travel?

The series was called "Time Riders", it starred Haydn Gwynn as the scientist, who accidently transported a boy from 1835 to the present, before having to flee with him to the past. The series was s... Read More »

Could a 14-year-old who lives in North Carolina with their mom all the time but would like to spend alternate weeks with their dad tell the judge that is how they would like the custody to be divided?

Answer Yes, a child of 14 could request to speak to the judge in private to explain how they feel.There is no guarantee, however, that the judge would grant the child's request, as custodial decis... Read More »

Anybody know of a personal GPS device that could be attaced to a wheelchair ?

some phones have the gps in them, it can serve a dual purpose, he could ring someone, even without speaking, in case of emergency.and...i cant believe i'm actually suggestting this... they have tho... Read More »