If you had a choice to get a computer would it be a mac or pc?

Answer I have used both but I only buy Macs for our household. We currently own 3.My husband is a computer artist. I teach computers and use Macs at school. Out daughter loves her Mac.PCs may be cheaper b... Read More »

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How does the computer/Yahoo Answers make a category choice when asking a question?

No, it´s nothing related to that, YA registers all the questions and specifically the words related to your question for example if one person made a question once about michael jordan and he put ... Read More »

Why do people in the US often confuse parental choice and personal choice, regarding infant circumcision.?

People who say it's a "personal choice" or "mind your own business" simply have not sat down and calmly pondered the idea of letting their son choose for himself what HE wants with HIS body. It's s... Read More »

Does my choice of case work with my choice of gpu?

The case is just the outer shell of a computer which protects it from moisture, shock and prevents people from stepping on it. Any casing will work, it just groups all the computer parts into 1 so ... Read More »

Is windows 7 or windows 8 a better choice for a new computer?

Unless you have a touchscreen or a touch screen overlay. Keep windows 7. Windows 8 is essentially a Microsoft knock off of apples forfront in "app use". Keeping things way too user friendly, and no... Read More »