If you had a choice to get a computer would it be a mac or pc?

Answer I have used both but I only buy Macs for our household. We currently own 3.My husband is a computer artist. I teach computers and use Macs at school. Out daughter loves her Mac.PCs may be cheaper b... Read More »

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Given the choice, what would you do?

i had the same problem last year i decided to get the root canal even though you cant see the tooth at the back of my mouth when i smile i wanted to keep the tooth i had a crown put on it in Januar... Read More »

If you had a choice of a pc or a mac, what would you go for Plus why ?

pc i know my way around a pc ....................

What would be the best choice?

I would go with the HIGH DEFINITION personally - AMD HD 6670both are good brand names , both will work for the average person, but i believe the amd hd 6670 will out perform the far as po... Read More »

Would it be a good choice to use a blow dryer?

NO! blow drying is like straighting/curling twice. it's SO bad for your hair. even towel drying can cause damage and breakage. it's probably why your hair is already so dry as you say. it takes a l... Read More »