If you had a bad cold, would you keep a routine doctor's appointment ?

Answer Call and ask the receptionist. I know when I go to the doctors office I try not to touch the chair arms or anything else. Not at this time of the year.

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Help! First doctors appointment without my mom!?

Congratulations on going to college. Big step.It is crucial that you are open and truthful with your doctor. You might not want to take your boyfriend, as the doctor will most likely ask you ques... Read More »

I missed my doctors appointment today, i slept in, what do i do now?

Phone them apologise for missing your appointment and make a new one its not rocket science.

If i phone the doctors in the morning you can grantee it will i wont get a appointment till next week!?

There is a 48 hour rule, which government statistics assure is generally adhered to. It basically says that a patient should expect to be given an appointment with an unspecified doctor within 48 h... Read More »

My 8 year old daughter has coughs that last up to 8 weeks. The doctors say its just a cold could it be more?

See a doctor ASAP. The one you're seeing now obviously is a horrible doctor not to see this, or doesn't want to "waste his time". Find a doctor that actually cares, do research for your area, and s... Read More »