If you had a Chest pain for the last one week on and off, What should I do?

Answer Go to the hospital!!!! You may have had a series of heart attacks! I Hope not, but why gamble?

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If you ovulated last week and hoped to have conceived and this week have been prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection would you be safe to take them?

Answer The best person to ask is either your doctor who prescribed them or the pharmacist who dispensed them.The sheet that came with them should also give contraindications/precautions.

Chest pain - what should I do?

What should I do about chest pain?

1st step apply 4 medicaid right now2nd consider bankruptcyU wont have the greatest choice of docs but U will have the care U need

I have a dull chest pain, what should I do?

Yep, but it could be stress tightening you chest muscles and mimicKing heart issues. But get it checked out for sure, I would do the BP med, your BP is borderline hypertension.