If you go on YouTube on your iPhone does it charge you?

Answer No it does not. If you try to go to a store once in a while and get off your lazy butt maybe you would find out.:) no offense.......:)

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When will verzion actually charge you for the iphone I just pre-ordered ii do they charge me on the 10th when it goes on sell how does it work?

Can you charge a iPhone 4 with an iPhone charger?

yes just simply pug the usb cable that came with your iphone into your iphone and any usb port (pc, mac, ps3, xbox360) and it should charge Yeah, both of them has the same input Voltage and current.

Can you charge iPhone 4 with old iPhone charger?

WIll youtube charge me for using their mobile verification?

Hello!I'm not sure. But charges may apply. For me, when I did my verification I used a plan with unlimited incoming texts. Check your mobile provider for more details.Please note some countries and... Read More »