If you go on YouTube on your iPhone does it charge you?

Answer No it does not. If you try to go to a store once in a while and get off your lazy butt maybe you would find out.:) no offense.......:)

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Why does your iphone 3G not charge any more?

You need a new battery buddy. Take it to the Apple Store and talk to one of their people.

Why your iPhone does not charge anymore?

Droid, Nexus One, Liquid .... basically each phone with more than 320x480 resolution, more capable of more than 1 app running simultaneously, capable of changing the battery, more RAM and maybe 10 ... Read More »

Does it charge skype on your iPhone 4 when your far away?

Hold the home button and the lock/power button on the top for approx 10 seconds

If you use Wi-Fi on your Iphone does it charge your bill?