If you girls stopped waxing your legs, plucking eyebrows,applying make up "etc "etc,how would you look.?

Answer i dont do any of those stuff and i still look like a female!!

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How to Numb Legs Before Waxing?

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How to Have Great Legs Without Waxing?

Legs and hands look nice without hair, right? But it really does hurt while waxing, and also it is not good-the hair grow more when you remove them. So here is the alternative to go to the prom nig... Read More »

How to Remove Marks From Legs After Waxing?

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The Side Effects of Waxing Your Legs?

Leg waxing is a process that involves hot wax being applied to the hair and removed with strips of cloth. The side effects of waxing your legs can include redness, initial pain, an allergy to the w... Read More »