If you get stitches on the bottom of your foot do you need crutches?

Answer Yes possibly unless you are able to walk but more then likely they will give you crutches to use for a few days while your foot has a rest from all the stress. The hospital may just send you home a... Read More »

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How do I tell my mom I need Crutches for my foot?

Lying or twisting the truth a teeeny tiny bit shouldnt hurt (no pun intended). Explain to your mother that you just fell on your foot, either stepping the wrong way down a step or falling over some... Read More »

I recently got crutches for my left broken foot?

I go barefoot on my crutches, unless it is really cold, when I will wear a flip flop. If it is wet or slippery, barefoot is best.

I sprained my foot and it hurts to walk on it should i use crutches for school tomorrow?

Use the crutches. You don't want it to hurt all day so you might as well use them. Anyway crutches seem to be so popular these days. ;)

If you were to have stitches on your foot would you feel comfy resting your legs on my shoulders?

Alessa will be here any minute now.Only if you mount pillows on there. I know about your foot fetish, so don't get any ideas.. :p