If you get pregnant at a young age would you die?

Answer You would not die.The quick answer is that, generally, a girl who is old enough to become pregnant is old enough to safely give birth. But if the girl is physically underdeveloped, special medical ... Read More »

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How can you know if you are pregnant without taking a test and if you are young what do you do if you are pregnant?

Answer There really isn't a good way to know if you are pregnant or not unless you take a test at home or in the doctors office. You can get pregnancy tests at any drug store and most grocery stor... Read More »

How young is too young to get pregnant?

What should you do if you are pregnant but too young to have a baby?

The people here have previously only chosen one or two of three answers, when number one, there are three to consider, and number two, the answers had one or no facts, were one-sided, and/or were v... Read More »

Why do teenagers get pregnant at such a young age?

Teenager have unprotected sex!Not joking: because they are horny.