If you get knocked out, will you get brain damage instantly?

Answer This is the stupidist comment ever, u shouldnt K.O ur boyfriend thats stupid,and yes its real bad for ur health even though its every other day

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Will brain damage come from headphones?

If you bump your head on the bus will there be any damage to the brain?

In general, bumped heads don't cause brain injuries unless a person gets a concussion. Signs of a concussion are a persistent headache (not a sore area on the scalp), blurry vision or difficulty ... Read More »

If a woman gets pregnant from a man with brain damage will the baby come out healthy and ok?

Answer It depends on what kind of brain damage the father has. If it was caused by trauma or non-congenital illness, there should be no effect in offspring. If he has a disease which can be inher... Read More »

Can enlarged ventricles in the brain of an infant cause brain damage?

honestly i don't know exactly what it can do, but thinking logically if any thing is enlarged especially when things developing , has gotta do something. my daughter however was diagonosed with thi... Read More »