If you get drunk and have to go to the hospital do they tell your school?

Answer no?

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Is it true that when someone is drunk they are more honest than they are when they are not drunk?

Just b/c they may be being more honest doesn't mean they should be saying everything that comes out of their mouths. Sometimes it's better to leave certain things unsaid. I know this b/c I've had s... Read More »

Your friends parents are alcoholics and they get really angry at her when they are drunk how can you help her?

You can speak to her about the situation, and see how she feels about it. If they abuse her (physically or mentally) often, and this has an effect on her; she can speak to AA (alcoholics anonymous)... Read More »

Have you ever had someone tell you they have cancer when you know that they are lying?

YES,one too many.However a couple of those believed it,but would not seek Professional opinions and treatment,and i know of one case were a fraud in general used a child's affliction to benefit th... Read More »

Short term disability- If you need to take and you tell your employer and they then say you may have to resign your position what can you do?

The easiest way is to shop online because you can review the different companies to get the best deals. Just make sure you know what kind of travel insurance you need. Is it for long stay or multi-... Read More »