If you get drunk and have to go to the hospital do they tell your school?

Answer no?

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I just fell and cut my head and am to drunk to drive to the hospital pleas help me bandage it at home?

To bella: DO you know how much it is to ride to the hospital in an amubulance? Dude just walk to the nearest available neighbors house and have them bring you, that's your safest bet.DO it at home:... Read More »

Is getting drunk at school a bad thing?

It depends on what you mean by "bad." Could you have gotten in a lot of trouble? Yes, because in high school, everyone is up your ***. Is it morally wrong? I personally don't think so. I wouldn't r... Read More »

I am in high school and have drunk?

That's just part of highschool! Everybody is experimenting with alcohol and unfortunately some get into drugs. It's good that you are being smart about it because most people aren't. I got drunk fo... Read More »

Is it rape when you are drunk and the other guys not and you find out by him bragging at school?

I agree with many of the other posters. I am an ER doctor and we occasionally have to do "Rape Kit" exams. It is always traumatic for the victims.The laws in most States say that if the sex is not ... Read More »