If you get bit by something and it turns purple is that bad?

Answer I`m allergic to mosquitoes and they never sting..just itch like crazy. Mine never have turned purple either. Spider bites if a big enough spider will have to punctures due to their fangs. They woul... Read More »

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How to Begin a Letter that Turns into Something Else?

Have you ever been upset with someone, and it eats at you? But you don't want to take it to them because you don't like confrontation and arguments and they just don't get anyone anywhere?

How come i have some purple bruises or something anywhere on me when i never got hit or bumped into something?

If you haven't mentioned this to a Dr, I would suggest you do so. Bruises don't appear for no reason.

A he-man like kids show from the late 80 or early 90 which featured a lizard or something that turns a guys family to stone and now he seeks revenge and a cure so his parents can live again?

The name of the older gentleman in the ESPN scorecenter commercial that walks down the stairs hands off something turns and nods to the camera and goes back up the stairs please?

Seems to me that all sport-as-entertainment is a waste of time.