If you get bit by something and it turns purple is that bad?

Answer I`m allergic to mosquitoes and they never sting..just itch like crazy. Mine never have turned purple either. Spider bites if a big enough spider will have to punctures due to their fangs. They woul... Read More »

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What happens when a baby who was just born turns purple and doesn't cry?

Your vagina is purple after sex it turns pink and your pregnant why?

What's wrong with your pool if it turns dark purple when checking chlorine using the liquid method drops?

Answer Check your conditioner or chlorine stabilizer levels. They may be too high. Also check your test solutions for age. A year or more old - get new ones. Ken

Kodak EasyShare Z650 turns on, lens comes out then screen goes black and camera turns off.?

Low power? Recharge or buy a new set of Energizer Lithium 'chever the case may be. If that does not work, the camera may already be dead. How unlucky can you get? A borrowed camera dies on you. The... Read More »