If you get a wound and place a foreign object over it can the skin grow over it?

Answer Wow, I agree. You ask weird questions. Yes, it can, but it has to be something small.

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How do you secure an impaled object at the entrance of the wound?

How to Treat a Wound Created by an Impaled Object?

Staying calm and quick action are your best bets for anyone suffering from a run-in with an impaled object. Knowing how to treat a wound created by an impaled object, though, is critical to adminis... Read More »

If you attend a casualty and they have removed the sharp object from the puncture wound should you?

no, put pressure on a clean dry dressing and keep it up - bleeding will stop

Foreign object in eye, now it's red and swollen.?

Three days is long enough to wait....get thee to an Ophthalmologist