If you file for divorce how far can you move with your kids?

Answer If you both used to live in the USA and you and your wife had a divorce you can move anywhere with in the USA

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How do you get a divorce and custody of your children in the UK if your husband was physically abusive in your marriage but you then comitted adultery and left him with the kids for a couple of weeks?

Answer You are really going to need a good lawyer for this one. No matter what the circumstance you deserted your children and left them in a dangerous environment and it will appear to the courts... Read More »

What rights do you have if you want to move out of state with your child before the custody or divorce proceedings start?

Answerdon't do it i have been there and you can goto jail for kidknapping if the other parent wants to go that far and that will make you look bad in court so just put it off till its over and make... Read More »

How to Move Out With the Kids When Leaving Your Spouse?

The decision to move away from your spouse is difficult enough, but is made even more complex when you have children to consider. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary for you to move... Read More »

Can you move in with your mother in California if she doesn't have any custody of you and tell the court that you want to move in with her because you don't get along with your step-parent?

Answer A minor cannot leave the home of the custodial parent without that parent's permission. The noncustodial parent can petition the court for custody rights pertaining to the minor child. Depen... Read More »