If you file a police report will auto insurance find out?

Answer Answer Yes! definately.

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How long do you have after a car accident to report and file a claim with the at fault's persons insurance company with no police report?

With any claim, you will want to report the incident ASAP. When I've had incidents, I've always done it same day. Anyhow, your specific policy will let you know how long you have. and it's usually ... Read More »

How do I file a police report for an auto accident in Illinois?

Check to make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay. Call 9-1-1 if there are injuries.Contact the Illinois State Police Department's Traffic Crash Report Division by calling 217-524-2525. ... Read More »

Do you file a police report for insurance fraud?

Do not file a police report for insurance fraud. If your state has an insurance fraud bureau, report the fraud to it. You also can report it to the insurance company or The National Insurance Crime... Read More »

Can your auto insurance refuse to pay because of no police report even though other driver was ticketed and his car impounded?

it all depends on WHY they are refusing to pay...can't imagine only reason is no police report.....please provide me more info and i could be of more assistance to you........