If you fell 9 storeys would you die instantly and painlessly?

Answer Death from a fall is caused by 3 factors:1) The height = Gravitational potential energy, the HIGHER the object is (altitude), the more energy it gets, which is later converted to kinetic energy whe... Read More »

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What is that kids program where a woman would tell storeys to a bunch of children?

There were a number of them. There was one called (The Singing Lady) which dated to radio-only days. there was a show around l962-63 that had two girls- possibly teenagers or college student aged- ... Read More »

I fell in gym and bruised my knee real bad. It was healing until I fell again and now its purple and it hurts.?

It sounds like you just rebruised it. A bruise is just blood under the skin. It's like a scab under the skin when healing. If you rip off a scab, what happens? It bleeds. The same thing a bruise is... Read More »

I fell over missing the last step of a flight of stairs. I twisted round and fell awkwardly on the floor... ?

No, if you are crying in pain, then it is seriousIt's just "sore"

How do i cut myself painlessly?