If you feel like you have to urine every thirty minutes or so and there is blood in your urine is that a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Probably not. It sounds like you have a real bad infection in there and you should go to the doctors to get a pap. If you dont it could cause some major problems that you do not want.This could als... Read More »

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Is blood in your urine a sign of pregnancy?

AnswerIt is a sign of a kidney stones. I think you may want go to your regular doctor for a check-up! AnswerOr it could mean that you have a Urinary Tract Infection. No, I don't believe so. There... Read More »

What if you had 5 negative blood and urine hpts and you are now would be 13 weeks and you can feel light movement in one area of your tummy are you pregnant this is the 2nd pregnancy after 12 yrs?

Answer yes you may indeed be pregnant I suggest go to your doctor and tell him or her about what you have been feeling lately they will most likely perform another pregnancy test and an ultrasound... Read More »

Is an odor in urine a sign of pregnancy?

Having an odor in your urine could be a sign of pregnancy. The body goes through many hormonal changes during pregnancy, so you should visit your doctor to make sure no bacterial infection is prese... Read More »

Is it a bad sign if your in early pregnancy and your urine is very yellow?

AnswerI believe that's a good sign and hope so cause I too am early in my pregnancy and my urine is very yellow. I think it is a sign of cleaning your system of all toxins? and that's a good thing.