If you feel like somethings swimming in your stomachenasueafatigueheadachesbreast tendernesseating moreand mood swings and think your nine weeks pregnant but youved had a regular period but then your?

Answer Its simple: take a test!

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Is it possible to be pregnant if you have had sore breast and nausea 2 weeks before your normal period and then all of a sudden you get your period 4 days early but still feel the same symptoms after?

Answer If you have your period you are probably not pregnant. Sore breasts are a progesterone symptom not necessarily pregnancy... If you are not sure still, take a test or see your doctor. Good luck

Does chocolate make your mood swings worse during your period?

Answer No, it just makes you gain weight. However check out this website: indcates chocolate may have a slight effect on serotonin levels, which ... Read More »

Have been on 140ml of suboxone for 3 years was cut down in 2 weeks to 70ml by error it should have been 2ml a week what are the side effects of this rapid detox can this be the cause of mood swings?

One day of pregnancy means you had sex about 7-10 days ago and I don't think that is what you mean. It takes about 3 days for the egg to get fertilized and an additional 7 days until the egg is att... Read More »

If you are expecting your period and you have a 25 to 29-day regular cycle and you feel vaginal cramps and sore nipples on the 29th day can you be pregnant?