If you fail a class do you keep your fafsa check?

Answer The first time you fail you can.but then you will be placed on academic probationand will have to pass atleast 2/3 of your classes.And if you fail the second will be required to pay a port... Read More »

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I need some information on the fafsa grant. I failed a class. Do I have to pay the money back for that class?

If it was a grant, then no, you do not. However, if you GPA drops below a 2.5 or 2.0, your fafsa aid will be greatly diminished! But don't worry about it if it was just one class and you did fine i... Read More »

How to Pass or Fail a Class?

Pay attention and listen attentively to Pass!We all have choices in life. One of our choices is whether we want to do well in school, and have a chance for a successful career or if we want to play... Read More »

What happens if you fail a class with the gi bill?

On One Hand: Retake the ClassIf you fail a class, the GI bill will pay for you to retake a failed class only if the grade is considered "unacceptable" by the standards of your enrolled program.On t... Read More »

What happens when you fail a class that financial aid paid for?

most financial aid programs require you to get a C or better grade. if you fail, you need to repay the loan back starting in 6 months. thats only the money for that class that you failed. you can s... Read More »