If you eat pop rocks and drink coke does your stomach really explode?

Answer LoL! I have no idea but I have heard of this before. Would love to see if it was real of not! *races off to get the pop rocks and coke*

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Why does mentos make coke explode?

Take a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, drop in a bunch of Mentos mint candies, and watch the bottle erupt. The key to this experiment lies in physics.CarbonationSoft drinks get their fizz from compres... Read More »

Which alcoholic drink goes really well with coke?

- Jack. :) Though I prefer my whiskies and whiskeys neat.- Rum. Preferably dark one.- Red wine- Vodka

Rocks That Explode Around Fire Pits?

Not all rock is as dense as the granite and marble we use to build with. Some rocks are much more porous and permeable. This permeability allows air and water to enter into the rock body, where p... Read More »

When your stomach growls, does it REALLY need food?

oh yes my stomach does that when i'm eating & after i'm done eating and i wonder why