If you eat oysters, are you still a vegetarian?

Answer No because its still meat. An oyster is a living creature, not a vegetable.I think they taste like fleghm in salt water anyway. Truely horrible.

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If i'm vegetarian, and I eAT FISH, WOULD I STILL BE A VEGETARIAN? is an animal..vegetarians do not eat animals. Eggs found at the supermarket have never been nor will they ever be embryos since they have never been fertilized.

I am still a vegetarian?

What is your question?Sorry, Colin. Vegetarians don't eat animal flesh. So, no, you are an omnivore like 98% of the world.…

Am I still a vegetarian?

You're so funny lol :D. Being a veggie is up to you, even if you accidentally get a bug down your throat, it doesn't disqualify you from the veggie league. It was an accident anyways, its not like ... Read More »

If you eat fish are you still a vegetarian?

if you eat fish, you're not a vegetarian. However, it's a good first step.